May 25, 2017
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Polishing the Diamond, Enlightening the Mind

A new and revised edition of the popular Buddhist book wrote by Master Jae Woong Kim is now available on Amazon, also as a kindle version.


New Book: Hongik Ingan

KSCPP has just released a new publication: Hongik Ingan - Lives of Queen Seondeok, Shin Saimdang and Yi Yulgok.

Also available as eBook


KSCPP is offering free audio-books and ebooks.

 KSCPP just released the audio and electronic version of Chung Hyo Ye.


New KSCPP Video

 New videos have been added to the video collection: 



DVD Screenings at the Korean Cultural Centre UK

Every Saturday, there will be 
screenings of Korean cultural
documentaries shown in the
London Korean Cultural
Centre's Multi-Purpose Hall,
covering some of Korea's
greatest cultural achievements.

Official screenings will be held
at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00,
but there will also be ad-hoc
screenings so please visit
if you can

Korean Cultural Centre
(London - UK)

Ground Floor
Grand Buildings
1-3 Strand
London WC2N 5BW

Contact us at:




New "Taste of Korea" booklet

KSCPP has released the new booklet titled "Taste of Korea - Korean Cuisine Full of Wisdom and Nature". This is not the usual cooking book. Recipes are introduced with accounts on how the food was invented and the wisdom behind. We are sure you will enjoy the reading and the taste of Korean food.



Visit our site www.koreanhero.net where you can freely read and download the KSCPP publications.


Our Pubblications

In order to promote Korean history and culture, KSCPP Series books are being distributed to readers at no cost.  After reading our books, please pass them on to others or donate them to your local library or school.  Our books are not for sale or profit.





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KSCPP HomeOur Projects  

Korean Spirit and Culture Promotion Project

Korean Spirit & Culture Promotion Project is a non-for-profit organization that was formed in September, 2005 to promote Korean history and culture to the wider world. The headquarter is in Seoul, Korea and branches are in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Los Angeles in the Unites States as well as in Germany and United Kingdom.


Even today, literature and internet sources that provide accurate and in-depth information for people of other countries about Korea and its past are few and far between. Because of this, our organization has planned a series entitled Korean Spirit and Culture, which will provide a basic introduction to Korea's long and rich history, the spirit of its people, and its cultural values, both through the project website (www.koreanhero.net) and also through the publication and distribution of free booklets translated in English, German, French and other languages to individuals and major institutions. So far, 680,000 copies of the publications have been distributed in Korea and abroad.

Our publications include:

Admiral Yi Sun-sin: A brief overview of his life and achievements

King Sejong the Great: The everlasting light of Korea

Chung Hyo Ye: Tales of filial devotion, loyalty, respect and benevolence from the history and folklore of Korea

Fifty Wonders of Korea vol. 1: A discussion of fifty world-class cultural and scientific achievements, advances and discoveries from the history of Korea

 Fifty Wonders of Korea vol. 2: A discussion of fifty world-class scientific and technology achievements from the history of Korea.

Taste of Korea: Korean cuisine full of wisdom and nature

Master Wonhyo: An Overview of His Life and Teachings 

* The publications have been prepared by the editorial board of KSCPP in collaboration with the scholars and experts of each field.


Our online video library includes:

UNESCO World Heritage in Korea

▪ Timeless Beauty of Ancient Korean Art

Hanbok, the Clothes of Wind

Hangul, the Korean Alphabet

Korean Traditional Dance and Music

▪ Korean Food: Unity of Tradition and Nutrition

▪ Temple Stay

In the United States, the members of our New York branch have distributed copies to 600 colleges and 3,300 high schools, as well Taekwondo centers, museums and research institutes, and also to individuals, including President Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, Secretaries of various Departments, and members of Congress. Donations of books were also made to the Pentagon, the Naval Headquarters, and also the military, naval, and air force academies.  

Of the colleges that received our publications, the Air Force Academy, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), George Washington University, Brown University, United States Merchant Marine Academy, University of Virginia, University of Texas A&M, Wittenberg University and Armstrong University have all informed us that their Departments of East Asian History, Regional Studies and Korean Language plan to adopt the book as part of their curriculum.

KSCPP branches in UK and Germany have distributed copies to a number of universities, high schools, libraries, museums and media companies as well as individuals interested in Korean culture and history.

In Korea, we have offered the books to the ambassadors and staff of nearly 80 embassies located in Seoul. We have also given 14,000 English copies to the Commander and officers of the United States Forces Korea. The books have also been given to the officials of the American Chamber of Commerce Korea (AMCHAM) and British Chamber of Commerce Korea (BCCK), and to international lawyers and foreign businessmen operating in the country, as well as international faculty and students in Korean universities. 

Along with the publication and distribution of the Korean Spirit and Culture series, we annually hold an essay contest on the subject of historical figures and cultural heritage of Korea. In addition, each of our branch members offers various cultural events such as cookery courses, presentations and cultural performances to institutions and organizations. Through these activities we are endeavoring to share the spirit and culture of Korea with more people and the world.