June 21, 2018
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Visit to South Korea, September 2009Our overall impression of South Korea was of a hidden jewel. We felt safe, welcome and comfortable and were particularly impressed with the cleanliness of the place and the enthusiasm of the young people to be educated and excel in the arts such as music
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The Benefits of KimchiA summary from several clinical research that suggest the many benefits of kimchi.
Bulgogi, Marinated Meat: Prevent CancerAccording to a recent news article, marinated meat, when cooked, inhibits the formation of cholesterol oxidation products (COPs).
Kimchi Prevents SARS in KoreaAs SARS failed to penetrate Korea, some efforts to draw out the reason from Kimchi have been made. The studies about Kimchi's preventive effects on SARS have become so compelling that LA Times once ran a feature story about Kimchi and how it prevents SARS
Lactic Ferment from Kimchi May Cure Bird FluDespite bird flu epidemic wreaked havoc on poultry farms in Asia in 2003, there were not human victims in Korea.Many believe that the reason for this was kimchi.
Healthy Korean FoodKOREAN FOOD IS HEARTIER AND MORE HOTLY flavored than other Asian cuisines. Korean soy sauce is darker than Japanese soy sauce, and hot chilies are used more liberally than in Thai cuisine.