June 21, 2018
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Polishing the Diamond, Enlightening the Mind

A new and revised edition of the popular Buddhist book wrote by Master Jae Woong Kim is now available on Amazon, also as a kindle version.


New Book: Hongik Ingan

KSCPP has just released a new publication: Hongik Ingan - Lives of Queen Seondeok, Shin Saimdang and Yi Yulgok.

Also available as eBook


KSCPP is offering free audio-books and ebooks.

 KSCPP just released the audio and electronic version of Chung Hyo Ye.


New KSCPP Video

 New videos have been added to the video collection: 



DVD Screenings at the Korean Cultural Centre UK

Every Saturday, there will be 
screenings of Korean cultural
documentaries shown in the
London Korean Cultural
Centre's Multi-Purpose Hall,
covering some of Korea's
greatest cultural achievements.

Official screenings will be held
at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00,
but there will also be ad-hoc
screenings so please visit
if you can

Korean Cultural Centre
(London - UK)

Ground Floor
Grand Buildings
1-3 Strand
London WC2N 5BW

Contact us at:




New "Taste of Korea" booklet

KSCPP has released the new booklet titled "Taste of Korea - Korean Cuisine Full of Wisdom and Nature". This is not the usual cooking book. Recipes are introduced with accounts on how the food was invented and the wisdom behind. We are sure you will enjoy the reading and the taste of Korean food.



Visit our site www.koreanhero.net where you can freely read and download the KSCPP publications.


Our Pubblications

In order to promote Korean history and culture, KSCPP Series books are being distributed to readers at no cost.  After reading our books, please pass them on to others or donate them to your local library or school.  Our books are not for sale or profit.



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These Are the World's Most Innovative EconomiesIn the world of ideas, South Korea is king. Germany, Sweden, Japan and Switzerland rounded out the top five in the 2016 Bloomberg Innovation Index, which scored economies using factors including research and development spending and concentration of hiDownload
What Silicon Valley Can Learn From SeoulSouth Korean companies are building software for smartphones that’s chaotic, multifunctional and exciting — everything that American apps aren’t.Download
25 reasons why Seoul is now the coolest city in AsiaMany things are happening in Seoul every day and it does not matter your interests or your living style, Seoul will interest you.Download
Seoul's rising cinematic profileThe rising of Korean movie industry on the world stage.Download
The Big Winner of 2012: South KoreaSouth Korean companies dominated 2012, asserting their superiority in the automotive and tech sectors, and reaping the rewards of decades of meticulous business development.Download
Speech Anglo-Korean Society DinnerForeign Office Minister Hugo Swire has talked about the UK and the Republic of Korea's close cooperation on international security, climate change and prosperity. Originally given at House of Lords. This is a transcript of the speech, exactly as it was deDownload
The Gangnam PhenomA South Korean video is making waves on the Web. But the West is actually late to the party.Download
The Global Cities Index 2010We are at a global inflection point. Half the world's population is now urban -- and half the world's most global cities are Asian. The 2010 Global Cities Index, a collaboration between Foreign Policy, management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, and The ChDownload
Why Internet connections are fastest in South KoreaPeople in the United States basically invented the Internet. So U.S. connections must be the fastest and cheapest in the world, right? Not so much.Download
Mobile TV's Last Frontier: U.S. and EuropeIn South Korea, free-to-air mobile TV is a five-year-old fact of life. According to the country’s broadcasters, 27 million people — 56 percent of the population — watch regularly.Download
South Korea poised to be among top economiesDAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - South Korea, Asia's fourth largest economy, is well poised to compete with major powers such as the United States and China as best performing economies in coming years, Thomson Reuters research shows.Download
Samsung takes top spot from HPSamsung Electronics has overtaken Hewlett-Packard as the world’s biggest technology company by sales.Download
Global E-Government Survey 2010Leveraging E-government at a Time of Financial and Economic CrisisDownload
Korea to host G-20 summit in 2010The leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies will meet in Canada in June and Korea in November for economic policy coordination, President Lee and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in a joint press conference in Pittsburgh, the UnitedDownload
Korea Wins $40 Bil. UAE Nuclear DealA consortium led by the Korea Electric Power Corp. won a $40 billion contract Sunday to build nuclear power plants in the United Arab Emirates, paving the way for South Korea to become a major energy facility exporter.Download
South Korea, Japan lead in broadband quality studySouth Korea surpassed Japan and Sweden to take the top spot in an annual ranking of broadband quality, helped by its government's efforts to boost it as an IT world leader, a study showed on September 30th, 2009.Download
Southeast Sulawesi Tribe Using Korean Alphabet to Preserve Native TongueA small Indonesian ethnic group with no written version of its language has decided to adopt the Korean alphabet known as Hangul, a scholar involved in the project said on August, 2009.Download
The Independent - Best for eastern chic: SeoulIn the past few years, Seoul has emerged as one of Asia's hippest destinations – slicker and cooler than the balmy southeast Asian cities, but less frantic and crowded than Tokyo. Some of its best bits can be found down the quiet lanes that have an intiDownload
Created for the Common ManOf the 6,000 languages in existence today, only a hundred have their own alphabets. Of these 100, Hangul is the only alphabet made by an individual, for which the theory and motives behind its creation have been fully set out and explained.Download
Uniqueness of Korean CuisineThere is also a uniqueness that differentiates Korean cuisine from many of its Asian neighbors. And with only 3 percent of the Korean population over the age of 15 overweight, clearly there is something to be taught.Download
Oxford to Expand Korean StudiesThe University of Oxford said it is eager to expand Korean studies, with an aim to create a full undergraduate degree later this year.Download
Surgery in Korea, anyone? Medical tourism emerges“Which hospital does the best plastic surgery in Korea?”Download
Korea's copyright industry taps into global marketThe Korean wave spurs strong growth in the sector.Download
Korea's dynamic progressAs a foreigner who has taken up longterm residence in South Korea, two words have come to epitomize the country; dynamic progress ... By Daniel Fiedler Professor of Law, Wonkwang University.Download
Korea's first astronaut transfers to space stationKorea’s first astronaut has transferred safely to the International Space Station (ISS) following a successful docking in earth’s orbit, a state-run aerospace institute said Friday (April 11).Download
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The Benefits of KimchiA summary from several clinical research that suggest the many benefits of kimchi.
Bulgogi, Marinated Meat: Prevent CancerAccording to a recent news article, marinated meat, when cooked, inhibits the formation of cholesterol oxidation products (COPs).
Kimchi Prevents SARS in KoreaAs SARS failed to penetrate Korea, some efforts to draw out the reason from Kimchi have been made. The studies about Kimchi's preventive effects on SARS have become so compelling that LA Times once ran a feature story about Kimchi and how it prevents SARS
Lactic Ferment from Kimchi May Cure Bird FluDespite bird flu epidemic wreaked havoc on poultry farms in Asia in 2003, there were not human victims in Korea.Many believe that the reason for this was kimchi.
Healthy Korean FoodKOREAN FOOD IS HEARTIER AND MORE HOTLY flavored than other Asian cuisines. Korean soy sauce is darker than Japanese soy sauce, and hot chilies are used more liberally than in Thai cuisine.