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Capturing the Culture and Spirit of Korea
35 documentaries in 7 languages

Since 2005, KSCPP has endeavored to share the true Korea – hidden from view until today – with the world.

When we consider the world’s cultural heritage, images of the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of China, or the paintings of Michelangelo and the Parthenon of Athens, come to mind. It is difficult to imagine that Korea could be home to more than 70 extraordinary legacies, such as the world’s first moveable metal type printing technique, or the oldest astronomical observatory.

Similarly, few are familiar with the heart-warming and often heart-breaking tale of the country’s ascent from the ashes of the Korean War (1950-1953), to one of the world’s top ten economies today – transforming itself from an aid-receiver to an aid-donor.

Our short films cover:
15 of these extraordinary legacies in the field of art and science
12 stories of achievement from Korea’s recent past
An 8-part documentary covering the reign of King Sejong the Great, whose life embodied the “Hongik Ingan” philosophy – “To live for the benefit of all mankind" – a spiritual foundation of the Korean nation.

Available in seven different languages, these films have been screened at over 14,280 events in North America, Europe, and Asia (as of December 2022).


  • Eugene Ehrman at Stonewest Group, United Kingdom
    "In masonary today, accuracy of 1mm in 300mm is considered high quality. That Sokkuram’s accuracy is 1mm in 10,000mm is beyond belief - even more amazing given the hardness of granite and its construction by hand.
    Even today, 1,300 years later and by machine, such accuracy would be hard to reproduce.”
  • Ralf Hazebrouck, a journalist, Germany
    “Long before culture began in Europe, culture flourished in Korea. The techniques behind the crowns and the Sarira Reliquary show that Koreans’understanding of metals and their use was 1,000 years ahead of Europe.”
  • An English scientist at International Atomic Energy Agency
    "Sarira Reliquary is a truly wonderful work. The UK could not make something like this today, let alone 1,300 years ago. It is unbelievable how such an advanced understanding of alloys and metallic techniques could have existed so long ago.”
  • An English painter at London Korean Cultural Centre, United Kingdom
    "Words cannot describe these works of art. I am fortunate indeed to witness these works, graced by the Gods. The Koryo Paintings are incomparable - truly gentle, warm, refined and elegant. Now I wish to visit Korea and learn more about its art, culture and cuisine.”
  • A sponsor from Friends of the Victoria & Albert Museum, United Kingdom
    "BBC should stop showing its awful programs, and instead show these videos. No one knows of Tripitaka Koreana, or that there were saviours like King Sejong when there were merciless kings in the UK. I thought I knew a little bit about culture, but now I realise I know nothing.”
Ancient Art and Science
E(English), G(German), F(French), I(Italian), C(Chinese), J(Japanese), K(Korean)
Astronomy 5,000 yrs ago A little-known story spanning five millennia of astronomical study,
pre-dating the star charts of Mesopotamia (widely seen as the
birthplace of astronomy) by 1,800 years.
E, G, F,
I, K
16 min
Ondol 5,000 yrs ago The world's most advanced underfloor heating system. E, G, K 11 min
A Bronze Mirror
2,400 yrs ago Featuring nano-technology from over two millenia ago, a palm-sized
mirror engraved with 13,000 parallel lines merely 0.3mm apart.
E, G, I, K 8 min
Bangjja Bronzeware 2,000 yrs ago Mysterious wares made with an alloy of copper and tin, in a ratio (78:22)
considered impossible by modern-day metallurgists.
E, G, K 12 min
Gilt Bronze
Incense Burner
of Baekje
1,400 yrs ago Peerless among the incense burners of East Asia and the world, this is
one of humanity's most exquisite works of art.
E, K 8 min
Sarira Reliquary
of Kameun Temple
1,300 yrs ago A priceless treasure, featuring among its many splendid features
hanging ornaments that are only 0.3mm-wide.
E, G, F,
I, K
12 min
Sacred Bell of
King Songdok
1,300 yrs ago The ringing of this bell is heard with the mind and not the ears alone -
a fusion of art and science from Korea's ancient past.
E, G, F,
I, K
12 min
Sokkuram Grotto 1,200 yrs ago A man-made cave, built with granite, and with dimensions that
feature a margin of error less than 1 in 10,000 - unachievable today.
E, G, F,
I, C, J, K
10 min
Koryo Celadon 900 yrs ago The Jade Celadon of the Koryo period has a unique beauty that
has never been successfully reproduced in any age since.
E, G, F,
12 min
Tripitaka Koreana 800 yrs ago The world's largest library of woodblock prints, which would take
over 30 years to read. The 52 million characters represent the fruits of
unparalleled skill and devotion.
E, G, F,
I, C, J, K
14 min
Koryo Buddhist
800 yrs ago Timeless masterpieces that do not discolor even after 700 years
and feature microscopic details.
E, G, F,
I, K
14 min
Korean Alphabet
575 yrs ago The last national alphabet to be created in history, and the only such
alphabet for which the underlying theory and motivation is fully known
and documented.
E, G, F,
I, J, K
16 min
Fifty Wonders
of Korea
An introduction to 50 of Korea's most astonishing cultural legacies. E 20 min
Landscape and
A walk through the picturesque scenery and traditional music of Korea. E 10 min
King Sejong the Great (1397~1450)
King Sejong Part 1 Scientific Inventions and Achievements E, G, F, I, K 19 min
King Sejong Part 2 Printing Technology and National Defense E, G, K 20 min
King Sejong Part 3 A Reign of Benevolence E, F, K 17 min
King Sejong Part 4 Advances in Medicine and Healthcare E, G, K 21 min
King Sejong Part 5 Political Reform and Innovation E, K 23 min
King Sejong Part 6 Music and the Virtuous Life K 22 min
King Sejong Part 7 Tales from Sejong Sillok, the Everlasting Light of the World E, K 23 min
Science and Technology Achievements in Science and Technology E, K 25 min
Korea Today
Introduction E, G, F, I, K 2 min
Construction (Marina Bay Sands Hotel) E, G, F, I, K 5 min
Construction (Burj Khalifa) E, G, F, I, K 4 min
Semi-conductor Industry E, G, F, K 5 min
Robotics E 3 min
Energy E, K 8 min
Iron and Steel Industry E, G, F, I, K 10 min
IT and Living E, G, F, I, K, J 8 min
Hallyu, Korean Wave E, I 10 min
Shipbuilding Industry E, G, F, I, K, J 7 min
Korea Today E, F 12 min
Healthcare E, G, I, K 7 min
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