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The books are free to download, but are to be used for non-commercial purposes only, such as research, education or other public aims. For translations in German, French and Italian, please contact us at info@kscpp.net.
[Audio Book]
First edition, August 2006

Hyo: Filial Devotion
Chung: Loyalty to Country and People
Ye: A Virtuous Way of Life

Korea is a nation that has always loved peace and has done everything in its power to preserve it.
In its five thousand years of history, Korea has nver invaded other countries.
Based on the teachings of Hongik Ingan, which means one should "live and act for benefit of all mankinds,"
reverence for the Heavens and respect for human life is deeply rooted in the spirit of the Korean people.

Audio Book Chung Hyo Ye.zip

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