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We hope that our contest gave everyone an opportunity to experience the true spirit of Korea. This year’s winners are as follows:
Title 14th USA Essay Contest Winners

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all those who participated in KSCPP’s 14th USA essay contest.

This year’s winners are as follows:

Middle School
1st Place: Michael Njoku, Northern Lights ABC School, AK
2nd Place: Kaitlyn Lee, Lake Zurich Middle School South, IL
3rd Place: Erica Tsai, Rosa International Middle School, NJ

Honorable Mentions:
● Claire A. Feldman, Middle School South - Lake Zurich, IL
● Juhi Arora, Briarhill Middle School, TX
● Yasmine Phaklides, Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, AZ
● Paul Trendler, Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies, AZ
● Cameron Moniz, Katherine L. Albiani Middle School, CA
High School
1st Place: Anna Elisa Bullock, Universidad del Noroccidente de Latinoamérica, CA
2nd Place: Jamilee Ornelas, Arrupe Jesuit High School, CO
3rd Place: Megan Masone, Porter Ridge High School, NC

Honorable Mentions:
● Tatiana Sidorova, North Cobb High School, GA
● YuBin Park, Kaiser High School, HI
● Emilie Varela, Swansboro High School, NC
● Nguyen Pham, Pleasant Grove High School, CA

Thank you again for all your great efforts,
and please look for our next essay contest announcement.

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